Scorehouse FAQ

When did you start renting Score House out?

We started renting out Score House Phase 1 in January 2011. Score House Phase 2 from July 2012.

How many units are there in Score House?

There are 128 apartments at Score House

Is Redcon opened on weekends, when can I come view?

We operate from Monday till Friday 8:30 am till 5pm. You can come view during those times.  If you won’t be able to view at this time, Then you can contact us and we will make arrangements for you to come view.

Are the units fully furnished?

No. You need to bring your own furniture but they have a bathroom with a vanity cupboard, kitchen with a kitchen shelve with a stove and a sink; plus you get a cupboard in the bedroom which is specious.

What type of people do you accommodate in your building?

Working, middle to high class people. We check for proof of income as a condition of moving in.

Are your offices in the building  as well?

Yes. Our offices are housed within the building.

Is the Ophirton area and the building safe?

Yes, it is very safe, located in a very quiet part of the city. We have 24 hour security from the front gate and back gate. No visitors are allowed into the building without permission or prior arrangements for sleepovers. We have a finger reader control access into the building. Every tenant, including staff, go through security using finger print access.

How is the environment in terms of hygiene?

It’s very clean. We have cleaners permanently employed from Monday till Saturday. Bins are emptied everyday. No littering is allowed, and these rules are strictly enforced.

Is the building closer to amenities?

Yes, it’s close to public transport (taxis, ria via, train, bus route). - it’s close to Gold Reef City - close to the police station - close to South Dale Mall - there is a Primary Day Care Centre next to the Booysens Police Station

Do we pay for levy?

No. its included into your rent

Are pets allowed?

No, they are not allowed.

When does your rent price go up, and by how many per-cent?

It goes up annually with a market related increase.

Is there any parking; and is it safe?

Yes, we have undercover parking garage. R275 per month per bay. - it’s safe as there is 24hours security - tag access and everyone parking in the basement have registered tags. - there are cameras inside the basement and outside the basement.

Does my rent include water and lights?

Water readings are done by an independent meter-reading company. JMS takes readings every month and we give you the reading on your monthly statement. Electricity is pre-paid. You buy and manage it yourself.

How much does a person spend per-month roughly on electricity (estimates)?

it all depends on how well you manage your electricity. But roughly R200 or R300 per month if 2 people are staying in the unit.

What type of electricity do you use; and where can I get it from?

It is called uni-pin and you get it from a kiosk next to our building and it’s very reliable.

Are there other outlets where we can get electricity from besides the kiosk?

Yes there are other outlets. Our office can provide you with a list.

How does pre-paid electricity work? is it cheaper and easy to maintain and to manage; also easier to load?

Yes it’s very cheap as you can manage it yourself. - very easy to use and to load; as there are instructions on the token itself and on our notice board. - each unit has its own metre number. No one is sharing with anyone.

In terms of applications; what happens if I’m blacklisted or have a default/judgement; do I still qualify?

Yes you may still apply but you may need to pay a double the deposit. - if you have a criminal record, we don’t take you at all .

When I move out, do I need to serve a notice and if yes, when?

Yes, you need to serve a 30 days’ notice.

Do I receive my full deposit refund when I vacate?

yes; if you leave the unit as you found it when you move in and; - yes, if you your water bill is below 6000 litres. If there are any damages that need to be repaired, then we shall take those damages from your deposit. The remaining deposit is refunded 30 days after vacating.

What happens if I can’t keep up with rent, do I get evicted?

Every tenant needs to pay on time. if you can’t keep up with the rent, you need to notify the office 30days prior. And look for a cheaper place.

Do you check credit record; what happens if I am blacklisted, do I still qualify?

Yes we do do credit checks.  If you are blacklisted you pay double your deposit

What happens if I move in in the middle of the month; do I still pay the full month rent?

No, we can give you a pro-rata. We start calculating from the number of days you have moved in.

What happens if I move out in the middle of the month and I serve a short notice; do still get my deposit back and pay a full month rent?

We need 30 days notice to advertise the unit to another tenant, so you may lose the deposit if no notice is given.

 What happens if I would like to view late in the evening; would I be able to view accommodation still?

Yes you can come view. - but you need to give us your full details including your ID number so arrange access for you to come view

From when does your lease start?

One month maximum is twelve moths

Am I entitled or obliged to sign a full year lease?


If I sign a one month lease, do I need to renew it monthly?

No, there is no need.

How many months do I pay a deposit, one month or two month deposit?

One month if you are permanently employed and have a clean clear credit record

What is a lease fee and why do I pay it?

There are costs involved in signing up a new tenant. We have to pay for a credit check to be done, etc

I am not permanently employed, but I am a freelancer and don’t have a stable salary, would I still qualify to rent a place?

You may qualify, but we reserve the right to charge a double deposit.

If I am interested into renting one of your units, what are the requirements?

x3 months current payslips - x3 months current bank statements - x1 ID / Passport Copy - if you are self-employed, x6 bank statements

I am permanently employed, but I don’t have a bank account I get my salary/wages on my hand; would I still qualify?

Yes but you would need to pay a double deposit and bring your x3 pay slips

For the first month making the payment I send you the proof of payment; on the next coming month onwards; do I still have to give you the proof of payment or is it going to reflect on your account?

No, you don not have to send proof of payment each month. If you use the correct reference number, it will reflect automatically on Redcon’s account. But keep them, in case there is a query.

When making the payment; after qualifying; which reference must I use and why is this important?

After you have received your statement, you can use the reference number appearing on your statement. This ensures your rent is allocated to your account and no-one elses.